IIT JEE Main 2016 Physics Question No 13

IIT JEE Main 2016 Physics Question No 13

A person trying to lose weight by burning fat lifts a mass of 10 kg upto a height of 1 m 1000 times. Assume that the potential energy lost each time he lowers the mass is dissipated. How much fat will he use up considering the work done only when the weight is lifted up? Fat supplies 3.8 × 107 J of energy per kg which is converted to mechanical energy with a 20% efficiency rate. [Take g = 9.8 ms–2].
(1) 9.89 × 10–3 kg
(2) 12.89 × 10–3 kg
(3) 2.45 × 10–3 kg
(4) 6.45 × 10–3 kg


Total potential energy, U is given by,
U = mgh × 1000
=> U = 10 × 9.8 × 1 × 1000
Since 20% efficiency rate, hence
3.8 × 10000000 × 20/100 m = 9.8 X 10000
=> m = (9.8 × 10000)/(3.8 × 1000000 × 2)
=> m = 12.89/1000 kg
=> 12.89 × 10–3 kg


Correct answer to given problem No 13 of IIT JEE Main Physics paper of 2016 is 12.89 × 10–3 kg i.e. option number 2.

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